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We understand that your website is the key to your success in bringing value to your customers, who often have only a few seconds to take business decisions when visiting your website. Your website should leave the best impression on your customers in this short duration of time. iLinks InfoTech web design and development seeks to empower your business. We deliver your website to enable growth in your business that you can see and measure.

Why Create A Website ?

I can think of so many reason’s why you should have a website for your business. Lets focus on one reason for today, an important one that you shouldn’t dismiss lightly.Imagine, you are driving, your heading towards the children’s school ( have you got that picture in your mind ? GOOD! ) you drive passed a billboard, The billboard is an add for Car detailing, underneath the add you see their address ( XXX Underground Road, Designer Town ) and phone number ( XXXX XXX XXX ). Right at the bottom you notice their website address You pull up at the school and the kids scurry into the car, then it hits you, your best mate Johnny needs his car cleaned big time! You call him ( now let me ask you honestly, can you remember their phone number or address ? ok stop cheating! I bet you can remember the web address .Website addresses tend to be much easier to remember than a phone number or address! A website for you will become another form of putting your business on the map ( advertising! ) taking you from Underground to above! its like having an extension to your business card on the web!I feel that a business like yours should have a website. I think of it as being as important as your phone number being listed in the phone book. I’m sure you feel that is important to your business. But really I think the website is more important in today’s world than a phone number in the book, because I’ll use your website to look up your phone number or email address! This world has changed and will change even more in years to come!

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