Mobile Development

Mobile devices have moved on from being fancy stuff to the very essential objects of modern life. More and more people use their mobile handsets to surf through the Internet everyday.

Mobile websites are primarily focused on Android, Blackberry and iPhone users. Any website that wants to increase its popularity and ensure a steady growth can’t miss out on going mobile. A website that is not mobile device friendly could be losing out on a bulk of very potential visitors, who shop online on an urgent basis through their mobile devices. Mobile broadband services have become extremely popular due to affordability, and usage is increasing by leaps and bounds. 3G and 4G broadband services have made mobile Internet surfing an easy job just about anywhere.

iLinks helps in making your website become mobile friendly by providing efficient services that makes WordPress compatible with mobile devices. So that you don’t miss out on the vital section of potent visitors, and make your website a success.

We specialize in all the latest platforms including iPhone, Blackberry RIM, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Android. Our services includes:

  • specialized mobile apps
  • mobile versions of business applications
  • websites optimized for mobile devices
  • SMS alerts, coupons, & contest entries
  • online mobile tools
  • news & feed readers
  • location-based services