Consulting & Training

iLinks InfoTech, with its deep understanding of changing economic and business situations, offers retailers wide-ranging solutions from those that give rapid, concrete returns to solutions that transform businesses over the long haul, adding value to the retail chain throughout. iLinks has built custom applications and systems that synchronise e-commerce, supply chain management and logistics management solutions, allowing merchants to sell products simultaneously through multiple channels (virtual or retail outlets). Our applications make this happen even when products are sourced from different suppliers. Seamless management and maintenance of all data from one location makes this possible.

Using our cutting edge expertise in Internet technologies and Business Intelligence, retailers gain deep and clear understanding of the way their enterprises work. Retailers use our solutions to construct effective and intuitive multi-channel and eCommerce strategies with which they can not only meet, but also exceed varied challenges from their customers. Unnecessary risks that arise with maintaining large inventories and when Point of Sale goods are diverse and unrelated are eliminated.


We have training available either on- or off-site for end-users and developers. We already provided on-site training in Asia, Europe and the US for either end-users or developers.

The media we use:

  1. On-site presentations.
  2. (voice and chat).

The standard training programs we have available are listed below. They can be adapted to your local requirements and the current knowledge of the participants.

Training for End users:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Catalog, categories and products and inventory. (basic and advanced)
  3. Sales order management.
  4. Purchase order management.
  5. E-commerce component.
  6. Accounting.
  7. Party manager.
  8. Email management including mailing lists.

Training for developers:

  1. Introduction including the webtools application.
  2. Entities, services, screens and forms.
  3. Available ERP functionality which can be re-used.