About us

iLinks Infotech was established in response to the business need that, both large and small companies would one day tap into the power of the Internet presence to be competitive and to effectively reach customers both locally and globally.

Business and individuals are reaching out, introducing themselves on an international level. People are currently getting connected to the largest collection of information ever and the number is growing at an astronomical and unprecedented rate. Businesses today require a presence on the Internet to utilize its advantages to the maximum. We would also like to see your company deepening its business relationships through a simple yet technologically up-to-date website, that is able to comfortably create/retain customers.

We have now the expertise that has extensive experience in providing simple, yet latest and advanced design solution to the ever demanding business competitiveness. Our multi-disciplined and experienced staff coupled with our rapid deployment process, enable us to deliver comprehensive custom application and design solutions that assist our clients in seizing new opportunities and outpacing the competition.

Our values

Our mission is to bring the information technologies within the reach of less privileged organization by making use of open source software and enable organizations to reap the benefits of information technologies to streamline their operations.